Das Quartier
Hauptstra├če 40
85123 Karlskron, Germany

Phone: +49 {0} 8450 / 92 97 00
Fax: +49 {0} 8450 / 91 48 9
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Well-being with a clear conscience


Climate change and ever scarcer resources have made it necessary for companies, too, to rethink their approach. We face up to our responsibility and try to make a contribution through careful management. Accordingly, we do everything to be as sustainable as possible so that you can enjoy your stay with a clear conscience:

We use only CO2-neutral green electricity from 100% Danube hydropower and have sourced the laid Jura marble from our area. Only wood pellets from the region are used to generate hot water and to heat the rooms.

The processing of particularly insulating bricks as well as the special thermal insulation glazing keep the heat in the rooms.

Through high ceilings, noise-insulating concrete, as well as a sophisticated shading system, we naturally create a pleasant indoor climate and a quiet atmosphere.

Animal husbandry in harmony with nature

We breed in a long tradition Merinoland sheep and since 2007 the Boer goat, which is also very appreciated among gourmets. Special emphasis is placed on species-appropriate husbandry and feeding. The animals are on the pasture all day and receive additional high-quality grain feed.

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